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Ham Down Woodland
Burial Ground
Bere Marsh Farm
Dorset DT11 OQY
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Ham Down Woodland Burial Ground

Situated in an outstanding position with an uninterrupted view of Hambledon Hill, this small woodland burial ground of 2 acres was originally a vineyard and is surrounded by a neat ringfence.
It is sited in an area renowned for its conservation features and great variety of trees and shrubs.

One of its boundaries borders the river
Stour which can be seen from the site. Although remote it can be approached by a tarmac road, which is extended along a
hard surfaced road to a small car park alongside the enclosure.

As the site is adjoining a bridle path which runs through the farm it will be possible for relatives and friends of the deceased to enjoy the surrounding countryside.
Over 140 species of birds have been recorded on the farm, which included such nesting species as Barn Owls, Nightingales and Herons. Nearly 30 acres of the farm consist of woodland, some of which has recently been planted.
Behind the burial ground lies the disused line of the Old Somerset and Dorset Railway, now part of the North Dorset Trailway, which is home to many species of butterflies and plants. Badgers, Roe Deer and Foxes are also plentiful.

We have mentioned these to show you what a beautiful and peaceful place it is.
Outstanding in so many ways, not only for those who want to be laid to rest here but for relatives and friends who wish to mourn their loss in surroundings that are such an integral part of the English countryside.