Frequently Asked Questions
How do I arrange a burial at Ham Down Woodland Burial Ground?

You can either arrange the burial through a Funeral Director or make the arrangements yourself. We can give you details of bio-degradable coffins and put you in touch with the grave-digger. There are various forms to fill out which are included in our information pack.

Can people be buried next to each other?

Yes, we hold the adjacent grave (to the right) for the deceased partner/spouse or close relative.

Can I buy a plot before I die?

We do not accept pre-purchasing of plots. What we do suggest is that a letter of wishes is left with either your solicitor or close relatives indicating you would like to be buried at Ham Down Woodland Burial Ground

What sort of service can we have?

The choice is yours. We have many different ceremonies – from graveside services to simple family gatherings. People of all religions are welcome or any form of nonreligious ceremony may be held – or none at all. Local Clergy are happy to conduct services at the Burial Ground.

Is the Burial Ground consecrated?

No, but individual graves may be blessed.

Who supplies the tree?

We supply the tree which you choose from the selection we provide. We plant the trees between October and March and we replace any tree that dies within the first 5 years of planting. These trees will create a natural woodland over time and it must be noted that some trees will have to be thinned as the woodland reaches maturity.

Can flowers be left on the grave?

Yes. Cut flowers and Funeral tributes may be laid on the grave, with ribbons and cellophane removed. Once flowers start to deteriorate they will be removed. There is a wooden bin for this purpose at the end of the site. Wildflowers may be planted on the grave.

Must we have a biodegradable coffin?

Yes. In keeping with the idea of returning the body to nature, we wish to accept only biodegradable and environmentally friendly coffins.  A growing selection of suitable coffins is available through funeral directors or we can give you details. We also request that the body is not embalmed.

Can we visit at any time?

The Burial Ground is always open and can be visited at any time.